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Q:  What properties or projects are subject to Sanitation in Subdivision review?

A:  Divisions of land less than 20 acres, condominiums, mobile home and RV parks, regardless of size, are subject to review.  It should be noted that Sanitation in Subdivision review is separate, and in addition to a Subdivision Review under the Platting Act.  Please contact the Health Department for more information on Sanitation in Subdivision review, as well as the Office of Planning and Grants for more information on Platting Act Subdivision review.

Q:  I currently have one home on my property, but want to add another.  Will Sanitation in Subdivision review be required?

A:  Maybe. If your parcel has gone through Sanitation in Subdivision review, it likely has an approval document that lists what the approved uses are.  Most approvals are for one single family dwelling; if this is the case, review would be required.  If you either do not have an approval document because of how the parcel was originally created, or the approval document allows the addition of another home, then review would likely not be necessary.  Regardless, there will be septic and well requirements that will need to be addressed; you should contact the Health Department for more information.  Also, in either case, you must contact the Office of Planning and Grants to determine what requirements not directly related to sanitation there may be.

Q:  What does Sanitation in Subdivision review consist of or look at?

A:  In the broadest sense, Sanitation in Subdivision review looks at a proposed project to ensure that the environment will be protected if the development takes place.  There is a high level of detail required for the materials submitted for review; it is for this reason that the Department strongly encourages folks that are going to have a property reviewed to contact an Environmental Consultant for help putting the materials together.  The Health Department reviews subdivisions within Missoula County for the MT DEQ, and applies both DEQ and local rules to determine if the project will be in compliance.  The review looks at the soil and slope conditions at the site, if water is available, and if there will be any adverse impacts from stormwater runoff.  The review also looks to see if there will be any adverse impacts to either ground or surface waters, to ensure that ground and surface waters continue to meet water quality standards, and are protected for future uses.

Q: How long will it take to get through Sanitation in Subdivision review?

A:  Per MCA 76-4-125(1)(d), the Department must make a decision on a subdivision application once all fees have been received and the application is found to be complete within 55 days.  Most of the time, the review is completed much faster than this.  The main things that delay the approval process are incomplete applications, or deficiencies within the submittal packet—strong reasons why the Department encourages folks that are going to have a parcel reviewed to contact an Environmental Consultant to make the process as speedy as possible.

Sanitation in Subdivision can be a complicated process, you should contact the Department with any questions you may have.

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