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Missoula City-County Health Department
(406) 258-4755
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Environmental Health - Radon

Why test for Radon?

Testing is the only way to know if you and your family are at risk from radon. EPA and the Surgeon General recommend testing all homes below the third floor for radon. EPA also recommends testing in schools.

Testing is inexpensive and easy - it should only take a few minutes of your time. Millions of Americans have already tested their homes for radon. You can get a Radon Test Kit from the Missoula City-County Health Department for $7.00. Call us at 406-258-4755 for more information.  Erik Englebert or Mary Lou Gilman are the contact persons for this program.

Residential Mitigation Providers Servicing Montana

State and local agencies may have requirements in addition to NEHA's

Big Fork,MT Grant Holle
Ray-Gone LLC
(406) 837-6360
Bozeman,MT Brian D. Perin
Rocky Mountain Radon
(406) 587-6388
Bozeman,MT Robert Longnecker
Triple R Mitigation & Construction, Inc.
(406) 587-7025
Bozeman,MT David M. Russell
Radon Solutions
(406) 580-7485
Corvallis,MT Michael J. Schwendinger
Montana Professional Enterprises
(406) 375-9336
Helena,MT Edmund L. Matthews
Radon Shield
(406) 461-5338
Missoula,MT Frank C. Tremper
Tremper Radon Mitigation
(406) 543-0072
Missoula,MT David E. Joscelyn
Home Inspection Group
(406) 543-9588
Whitefish,MT Bob J. Engibous
Big Mountain Insulators, Inc.
(406) 862-5446