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FoodLine Newsletter - April 2012

Death in the pot

Volume 19, Issue 2


Volume 22, Issue 2
April 2012

Death in the Pot: The Story of Food Safety Regulation

......What Accum found was horrifying. Floor sweepings mixed with cayenne spice were being marketed as pepper.  Milk was laced with lead due to the containers it was stored and heated in.  Cream was watered down and thickened with rice powder.  Bread was whitened with alum and then flavor enhanced to disguise the stale and rancid flour from which it was made.  There were also nasty rumors about bone dust......more

From the Editor: How We Can Learn from Food Safety History

.....Local suppliers do make accountability easier and it is true that the amount of additives, processing steps, and ways for the food to become unsafe decreases.  However, as the past few hundred years have shown us, some businesses are not good at regulating themselves, and without some kind of standards and oversight, food safety can still be compromised by a producer trying to make ends meet.  This is easily seen in the change in the food supply in England post-Industrial Revolution.....more

Answers from a Sanitarian: Demo Sampling

.....In the last few years, our department has been working with vendors in Missoula who wish to offer samples at grocery stores.  Sometimes the process is simple: the store itself serves the samples.  But sometimes, it gets more complicated when an outside contractor would like to take the lead.....more

Spotlight on Public Health: Salmonella spp.

......Of the many foodborne pathogens out there, Salmonella is pretty well recognized by the general population.  You probably know that it is associated with animals like chickens, and realized that cooking eggs and meats thoroughly is important to prevent illness.....more

Upcoming Food Safety Classes and Registration

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