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Missoula City-County Health Department: Health Promotion
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Missoula City-County Health Department: Health Promotion

Missoula City-County Health Department: Health Promotion

Missoula County DUI Task Force

I know it's a cliche' but don't let friends drink and drive unless you're prepared to lose that friend.


      About us

Established in 1986, the Missoula County DUI Task Force represents a diverse cross section of the community that includes citizens, government officials, law enforcement, business, health professionals, prevention and treatment specialists approved by the Missoula County Commissioners.  Missoula DUI Task Force Members

Our mission is to promote a healthier and safer environment for county residents by reducing the number of alcohol related traffic crashes through public education, awareness, legislation and enforcement strategies.

Our Task Force is funded by driver license reinstatement fees.  We have no particular political agenda so are free to address what is most relevant to our county and to support innovative projects that prevent DUI. 

We are one of 34 state-approved DUI task forces representing 38 counties, and 2 tribal task forces.  Montana Counties with a DUI Task Force

Missoula County DUI Plan - for FY 2014

Annual Report for 2013


DUI Task Force Coordinator: Lonie Hutchison
Phone: 406-258-3880
Fax: 406-258-3992
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Annual Report FY 2013


   Our goals

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State Law - Alcohol Server Training Required

In an effort to reduce the negative impacts of impaired driving, the 2011 Montana legislature passed the Mandatory Responsible Alcohol Sales and Service Training Act.  It mandates that all places that sell alcoholic beverages train their servers and sales staff to recognize intoxicated or under-age patrons:

Dept. of Revenue Statement regarding the law.


"Let's Control It" classes in Missoula
(sponsored by Mt. Dept of Revenue)

Cost - $10 per person

Pre-registration required.

Missoula classes held the first Monday of each month

11:30 - 2:30

Contact Lonie Hutchison (258-3880)
to find out the classes scheculed, and to reserve your spot.

On-site trainings are also available upon request.


State-approved alcohol server trainers

Schedule of trainings across Montana - choose Dept. of Revenue (DOR) from the drop down menu at the top. To search for classes your desired city, enter the city in the 'search' field and click on the search button. To search all state classes, enter 'Alcohol Server Training' in the 'search' field and click on the search button.

For additional training questions or concerns contact Kacey Collins, Liquor Control Division, Montana Department of Revenue in Helena: 406-444-6457 or email

To find a trainer or a class with openings, contact the Mt. Dept of Revenue, or call 1-800-332-6135, option 7.


   Programs, activities and projects


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Designated Driver Program

Some bars will provide free soft drinks to 1 patron of a group if that person promises to stay sober, and drive their friends home. 

Participating bars


TIPS alcohol training for restaurants

Local training is available through the Montana Restaurant Association:

For more info call Lonie Hutchison, 406-258-3880 or 406-203-4121 to for more information. Montana Restaurant Association members receive a significant discount for these trainings.

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Home Safe Missoula

Many Missoula bars and restaurants participate in Home Safe Missoula. If patrons who drove a vehicle to the participating location feel they are not sober enough to get themselves home safely, they may ask the bartender and receive a $ 10.00 voucher for a taxicab ride home. The program is supported by the participating establishments, local alcohol beverage distributors and the Missoula DUI Task Force. To become a participating establishment call 406-203-4121.  Forty-eight licensed establishments in Missoula participate in this program: Participating establishments.

   Quick facts


Impaired Driving in Montana

Montana Dept. Transportation - Impaired Driving


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Marijuana and driving


One in five teen drivers surveyed in a recent poll has admitted to driving under the influence of marijuana.  Study by Liberty Mutual Insurance And many of these teenagers don't seem to think driving while high is a big deal. Thirty-six percent of teens who have driven high say marijuana doesn't distract them from driving, the report continues.

But marijuana does seem to affect drivers. Pot is the most common illegal drug found in drivers who die in car accidents. "Marijuana: Facts for Teens," National Institute on Drug Abuse.

"Marijuana affects a number of skills required for safe driving—alertness, concentration, coordination, and reaction time—so it's not safe to drive high or to ride with someone who's been smoking [pot]."

Many Teen Drivers Under Influence of Marijuana - By Laura McMullen


Safe driving and DUI reduction information:


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Teen drivers - Help your teen learn to drive responsibly:


"Alcohol remains the most dangerous substance our kids consume—killing more kids than all illegal drugs combined." Jan Withers, president, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, press conference April 2012

   Other resources:

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