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 Infectious Diseases

Infectious diseases are those in which an organism (bacteria, fungus, virus, parasite) enters the body and causes illness. Many are spread easily, and in different ways: in the air (droplets from sneezing or coughing), in body fluids (blood, saliva or mucus), on contact with contaminated surfaces (doorknobs, skin, personal hygiene items), from insect or animal bites (mosquitoes, ticks) or in contaminated water or food.

The Missoula City-County Health Dept.'s Infectious Disease office, in conjunction with the State Health Dept., tracks outbreaks of infectious diseases, notifies the public of risks and prevention measures, tracks the disease to it's source, and notifies people who have had direct exposure to an infectious disease.

State law requires that most infectious diseases be reported to the local Health Dept. to prevent further spread. 

Infectious Diseases are sometimes referred to as Communicable Diseases.



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Infectious disease protection

Infectious diseases can be spread through the air, on surfaces, through body fluids, in contaminated food or water.  Different diseases are spread in different ways.  There are things everyone can do to reduce the chances of getting any infectious disease:


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The Montana Dept. of Health and Human Services is now on FACEBOOK.  Follow current state-wide news regarding public health issues such as cardiovascular health, tobacco use prevention, diabetes awareness, etc.  There are also messages that offer tips and advice about how we can all live healthier lives.


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