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Missoula County Department of Public Works: Surveyor's Office
(406) 258-4870
Missoula County Seal and image of areas around the City.

Missoula County Department of Public Works: Surveyor's Office

Department of Public Works: Survey Office
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Survey Office

GPS Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) MSOL

Mapping data is available as RINEX files, which can be used for differential corrections.  The files (in compressed exe format) are one hour long and named as per the start time in Universal Time Coordinated (UTC). 

Survey data is available in 24-hour DAT files (in compressed exe format) named as per the Julian day. 

The mapping  and survey data files are archived by Missoula County and available via the links below.  The survey data is also available through NGS UFCORS.




The orthometric height of the ARP was determined by 3-wire differential leveling to NGS benchmarks G 14 Reset and R 446, using a Zeiss Ni2 level, to be 975.587m on July 15, 2003.

*An orthometric height of the ARP was determined using first-order equipment and methods to be 975.581m. That level run will be submitted to NGS for publication.

For information about the antenna, go to the NGS site: ANTENNA

This station is part of the National CORS Network. For more information about this station, visit: MSOL

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To download a PowerPoint presentation about establishing this CORS, given in Helena, 7-22-03, click: MSOL CORS

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