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Transportation - Travel Demand Modeling

Travel Demand Modeling

A travel demand model includes elements such as roadway and transit networks, and population and employment data to calculate the expected demand for transportation facilities. Within the model, mathematical equations are used to represent each individual's decision-making process of: "Why", "When", "Where", and "How" to make the trip, and " What" route to follow to complete the trip. The model results for these individual choices are combined so that the aggregate impacts of roadway vehicle volumes and transit route ridership on the average travel times can be determined.

Example of the Mode Choice Model:
Mode Choice Model Structure

2010 Travel Demand Model Enhancement Project

Historically, the travel demand model (TDM) has been used primarily to determine air quality conformity and forecast future vehicle trips. The model enhancement integrates bicycle, pedestrian and transit trip types and updated local road conditions such as traffic calming, posted speed limits and other operational elements.

The resulting model help
s to better identify how mode-choices vary throughout Missoula, aid the MPO with prioritization and selection of transportation related projects during the long range planning process and provides the ability to assess impacts due to facility installation and commercial/residential development on the transportation system.


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