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2008 Long Range Transportation Plan

Process Overview

  1. Missoula is preparing a long-range plan for transportation

    Missoula County is preparing a long-range transportation plan
    that will shape the investment of hundreds of millions of
    dollars into roads, transit and trails over the next three

    Transportation decisions are a key shaper of the quality of our lives – affecting our time, our pocketbook, the quality of the air we breathe, and our ability to get things done

  2. The transportation plan will serve a long-term land use vision.

    Although Missoula has planned for transportation in the past, for the first time with Envision Missoula we will combine the transportation plan with a vision for the place we want Missoula to be. We’ll decide how new roads, transit, and trails might encourage that vision to become reality.

    A vision can help us learn what development patterns will make our scarce transportation dollars go further. How do we ensure roads stay clear of congestion and transit is well used? Many of the answers lie in how development takes place.

  3. The vision will grow out of the broader community.

    Interactive mapping workshops will be held November 13, 14, and 15. Residents will brainstorm their ideal Missoula using materials that represent transportation routes, new places, and open space.

    The results of these workshops will become “what if” scenarios - competing pictures of what Missoula might be like with 200,000 people. Missoula County today has about 100,000 people.

    200,000 is not a prediction for how big we will get or intended to say growth is good or bad. By problem-solving how Missoula can be a great place if and when we double in size will help us understand what actions we need to take today to be a great place no matter how big we eventually get.

  4. Scenarios will explore competing ideas for our future.

    For each scenario, a set of impacts to quality of life will be projected. For example: How clean will the air we breathe be? What types of places will we live, shop, and work in? How clogged will the streets be? How much recreational open space will be close at hand?

    The Vision will be based on the reaction of citizens and leaders to the scenarios and their projected quality-of-life impacts. An Envision Missoula Transportation Summit will be held in February 2008, using real-time keypad polling, to get these reactions.

  5. The Vision is a map and a set of principles

    Our community’s preferred scenario features tell us what actions we need to take today to make that future real. These actions will be crystallized in a set of Transportation and Development Principles. These will accompany a preferred scenario map as the products of the Vision process.

  6. Creating the transportation plan

    The transportation plan will be based on the vision, will identify projects out to the year 2035, and will be calculated using anticipated financial resources available for transportation. Citizens will be asked to comment on this plan after it is drafted, in the spring of 2008.

  7. The vision in the coming years

    If the vision provides a clear picture of the place we want to create, Missoula city and county leaders may choose to use it as a framework on which to craft new plans for development in the coming years.

    In four years, if progress has been made toward implementing the Vision it will continue to shape the formal long-range transportation plan. If progress hasn’t been made, the transportation plan will instead be based on existing plans for development.

2008 LRTP Documents

2008 LRTP Amendments

The Transportation Policy Coordinating Council amended the 2008 Missoula Long Range Transportation Plan at the August 18, 2009 Transportation Policy Coordinating Committee meeting to add the Upper and Lower Miller Creek projects funded through an earmark from the Western Federal Lands Division of the Federal Highway Administration.  The earmark funds are available solely for the Miller Creek improvements being sponsored by Missoula City and County Public Works and will not alter the fiscal constraint of the Long Range Plan.

Click here to view the amendment to the 2008 Long Range Transportation Plan.

The Transportation Policy Coordinating Council will vote to amend the 2008 Missoula Long Range Transportation Plan at the November 21, 2010 Transportation Policy Coordinating Committee. The LRTP and TIP must be amended to reflect updated cost estimates for the reconstruction of South 3rd Street West from Reserve to Russell Street.

Click here to view the amendment to the 2008 Long Range Transportation Plan.

Public Outreach

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Envision Missoula Transportation Workshops - November 13-15, 2007

Envision Missoula Transportation Summit Meetings - February 13-14, 2008

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Citizens Advisory Committee

Technical Advisory Committee

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