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Environmental Health Division: Air Quality
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Air Quality:  Burn Stoves Cleanly & Efficiently

Why Should I Burn Cleanly

Smoke from woodstoves is the primary source of winter particulate air pollution throughout Western Montana and Missoula County.  Exposure to wood smoke can cause reduced lung function, headaches, chronic bronchitis, aggravate existing lung disease and even cause premature death.

Reasons to burn cleanly include:

less creosote build up in the chimney reduces fire hazard,

improves air quality in your home and outdoors, and

burns more efficiently so you may be able to heat your home with less wood - saving time and money.

Links to Burn Clean Websites & Clean Burning Devices

To burn clean use dry seasoned split wood, allow oxygen into the burn chamber by leaving the damper open, remove ash on a regular basis, clean chimney to remove creosote build up, and do not overload the stove.

When purchasing and installing a solid fuel burning device or woodstove, install the cleanest burning device available that will provide the amount of heat you require.  In the list linked to below you will find several devices that will qualify for installation in Missoula County.  Check the "Solid Fuel Burning Device Installation Rules" web page to find what can legally be installed at your location.

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