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Animal Control
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  1. Should your animal become lost, a license tag on your dog's collar is a fast and easy way to reunite you and your dog. Microchips require a scanning device to read them.  A license tag is easily visible for everyone. Think of it as "their ticket home."

  2. When you license, you are required to have your dog vaccinated for rabies. This allows others to know that your animal is protected.  By vaccinating your animal, you are helping to provide a safer community.

  3. Dog license and license renewal fees help to run Missoula Animal Control.  Licensing is a primary source of income for animal control. These fees help us to adopt strays and owner surrendered animals to new homes.

  4. It's the law. Missoula City-County residents voted and passed the ordinance requiring dogs to be licensed.  You can receive citations for having an unlicensed dog in Missoula County.

Dog License Fees

License Type Description One Year City/County Two Year City/County Three Year City/County
*Unaltered $31/$35 $61/$65 $91/$95
*Altered $16/$20 $31/$35 $46/$50

*Unaltered= Not spayed or neutered       * Altered= Spayed or neutered

 *Senior Citizens over 65 receive half price per year on ONE animal per year.

*You must be 18 years or older to license in Missoula City/County.

PERMANENT TAG POLICY: The license tag you receive will be a permanent tag issued for the life of the animal.  You'll receive an annual license renewal notice.  Replacement Tags are available for $5.00.

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