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Bad Check Policy

The following information should be read carefully and shared with each employee in your business. This information is provided in an effort to try to reduce the rising number of bad checks in Missoula County. Prevention is your best protection.

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1. Obtain Accurate Information

(NOTE: All these are necessary to not only obtain payment but also because the person who takes the check may be called as a witness in a subsequent trial.)

2. NEVER accept:


1. When a check is returned for Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF):

2. When a check is returned marked "Account Closed":

3. When a check is returned marked “Forgery” or “Irregular Signature”:

4. If the check writer wishes to make restitution on a bad check after the check is sent to the County Attorney’s Office:

5. The County Attorney’s Office cannot prosecute:

6. The County Attorney’s Office:

Bad checks are an expensive and time-consuming problem. We hope the above measures will reduce the number of bad checks and clarify what we do.

We are all concerned with the number and dollar amounts of bad checks being issued in the Missoula area. A major part of these can be avoided by taking the necessary precautions and educating your employees in the policies as listed above.

Hopefully, with continued cooperation between Missoula County merchants and Missoula County law enforcement agencies, we can reduce a significant number of these checks.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the County Attorney’s Office at 258-4842.

Thank You.


Fred Van Valkenburg
Missoula County Attorney

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