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Missoula County Technology Department, GIS Division
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Missoula County Seal and image of areas around the City.

Missoula County Technology Department, GIS Division Division

Missoula County Technology Department, GIS Division
Good Morning from Missoula, Montana where it is Thursday, October 08, 2015
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GIS Division: Viewable Base Map Files

Attention: These CAD files are no longer updated on a regular basis. To obtain the latest parcel/cadastral data you can visit the Property Information System here:

or, download data from our FTP site here:

If you would like to be informed of base map updates send an email to

Viewable base map files are available for all of Missoula County. These files are each a single township in size (36 square miles) except for the Missoula Urban Area (T13N, R19W). This area is mapped one section (1 square mile) at a time.


Digital map data is available for download at The base map files are in AutoCAD R14(c) format. All files are compressed using PKWARE's PKZIP program.

Files with the .EXE extension contain data in AutoCAD .DWG format. Files with the .ZIP extension contain data in AutoCAD .DXF format created using AutoCAD's DXFOUT command.

The base map data was projected in NAD27 format up through July 28, 2000. As of July 31, 2000 the data is projected in NAD83 format.


These base map files contain the same information as the AutoCAD drawings and can be viewed with the free Autodesk Design Review program.

Design Review must be installed on your computer before viewing these files. Click here to download. After you have installed the program, follow the directions below.

To view detailed maps click the area of interest on the map below or click on file name hyperlink listed below the map. Once you are viewing the map data, a right mouse click will enable zoom, pan, layer display & print options.

Base Map | Base Map Table | Urban Area Map | Township Map Table

T21N,R15W T21N,R16W T21N,R17W T21N,R18W T20N,R15W T20N,R16W T20N,R17W T20N,R18W T19N,R15W T19N,R16W T19N,R17W T19N,R18W T18N,R15W T18N,R16W T18N,R17W T18N,R18W T17N,R15W T17N,R16W T17N,R17W T17N,R22W T17N,R23W T17N,R24W T17N,R25W T16N,R14W T16N,R15W T16N,R16W T16N,R17W T16N,R18W T16N,R19W T16N,R20W T16N,R21W T16N,R22W T16N,R23W T16N,R24W T15N,R14W T15N,R15W T15N,R16W T15N,R17W T15N,R18W T15N,R19W T15N,R20W T15N,R21W T15N,R22W T15N,R23W T14N,R14W T14N,R15W T14N,R16W T14N,R17W T14N,R18W T14N,R19W T14N,R20W T14N,R21W T14N,R22W T14N,R23W T13N,R14W T13N,R15W T13N,R16W T13N,R17W T13N,R18W T13N,R20W T13N,R21W T13N,R22W T13N,R23W T12N,R16W T12N,R17W T12N,R18W T12N,R19W T12N,R20W T12N,R21W T21N,R22W T12N,R23W T11N,R16W T11N,R17W T11N,R18W T11N,R19W T11N,R20W T11N,R21W T11N,R22W T11N,R23W T10N,R23W T10N,R24W Go to Urban Area Detail T12N,R15W T11N,R24W Missoula County Viewable Base Maps

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Viewable Base Map Links
T10N  R23W T10N R24W
T11N R16W T11N R17W T11N R18W T11N R19W T11N R20W T11N R21W
T11N R22W T11N R23W T11N R24W
T12N R15W T12N R16W T12N R17W T12N R18W T12N R19W T12N R20W
T12N R21W T12N R22W T12N R23W
T13N R14W T13N R15W T13N R16W T13N R17W T13N R18W T13N R19W
T13N R20W T13N R21W T13N R22W T13N R23W
T14N R14W T14N R15W T14N R16W T14N R17W T14N R18W T14N R19W
T14N R20W T14N R21W T14N R22W T14N R23W
T15N R14W T15N R15W T15N R16W T15N R17W T15N R18W T15N R19W
T15N R20W T15N R21W T15N R22W T15N R23W
T16N R14W T16N R15W T16N R16W T16N R17W T16N R18W T16N R19W
T16N R20W T16N R21W T16N R22W T16N R23W T16N R24W
T17N R14W T17N R15W T17N R16W T17N R17W T17N R22W T17N R23W
T17N R24W T17N R25W
T18N R15W T18N R16W T18N R17W T18N R18W
T19N R15W T19N R16W T19N R17W T19N R18W
T20N R15W T20N R16W T20N R17W T20N R18W
T21N R15W T21N R16W T21N R17W T21N R18W

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Urban Area Map Links

Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Section 4 Section 5 Section 6 Section 7 Section 8 Section 9 Section 10 Section 11 Section 12 Section 13 Section 14 Section 15 Section 16 Section 17 Section 18 Section 19 Section 20 Section 21 Section 22 Section 23 Section 24 Section 25 Section 26 Section 27 Section 28 Section 29 Section 30 Section 31 Section 32 Section 33 Section 34 Section 35 Section 36 Missoula County Urban Area Map

Townships Map Links
13-19S01 13-19S02 13-19S03 13-19S04 13-19S05 13-19S06
13-19S07 13-19S08 13-19S09 13-19S10 13-19S11 13-19S12
13-19S13 13-19S14 13-19S15 13-19S16 13-19S17 13-19S18
13-19S19 13-19S20 13-19S21 13-19S22 13-19S23 13-19S24
13-19S25 13-19S26 13-19S27 13-19S28 13-19S29 13-19S30
13-19S31 13-19S32 13-19S33 13-19S34 13-19S35 13-19S36

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