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Missoula County Technology Department, GIS Division
(406) 258-3275
Missoula County Seal and image of areas around the City.

Missoula County Technology Department, GIS Divisiont

Missoula County Technology Department, GIS Division
Good Morning from Missoula, Montana where it is Tuesday, August 04, 2015
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GIS Division - FAQs

Map Server Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there somewhere I can get more information on Mapping and GIS efforts going on elsewhere in Montana?
Yes, click here to go to our links page for web addresses of other sites detailing GIS efforts in Montana.

General mapping & GIS Related FAQs

1. Does Missoula County produce electronic map data?
Yes, Missoula County is mapped digitally.
2. Is this data available to the public?
Yes it is.
3. Where can I go to get this map data?

There are various forms of digital data available to the public:

  1. Our newest Property Information System Mapping Application is available here:
    Property Information System
  2. County map data is currently available for download in CAD format on our FTP site at