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Missoula County GIS Deparment
(406) 258-3275
Missoula County Seal and image of areas around the City.

Missoula County GIS Department

Missoula County GIS Department
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Missoula County GIS Department: News and Information

Property Information System

The Property Information System was redesigned, improved and deployed in late 2009.   The map portion of the new system functions much like Google Maps and requires Adobe's Flash Version 10 plugin.  The The link to this new system is  If you have any problems or questions regarding this system, please contact either Doug Burreson at 406-258-4227 or the Help Desk at 406-258-4727 or email at

The older system still exists at and has also undergone some improvements in design to match the remainder of the County website.   If you need to use map features please use the new system.

User's Comments

...Congratulations! Your web site got a big round of applause from 30+ Realty agents at our meeting this morning. We took a lap top and computer projector to the meeting. Dialed in and did a live on-line demo of your new site. Everyone was really impressed! You did a fantastic job on this web site ! Many thanks from all the agents...
Greetings, I just recently discovered your online property information system as well as your Missoula County digital map data. Very impressive! Very useful! Please pass along my kudos and compliments to the Mapping/GIS gang there at the Missoula County Office of Public Works.

A local emergency responder writes:

Just wanted to say that you have out done yourself. This map server is so far reaching into public service that I can't put words to it. Just as an example, last shift I was able to guide an engine to a medical call with detail only dreamt about a few years ago. I can put them on the doorstep of an emergency in the middle of the night or when there is poor visibility with great accuracy. The aerial data is so good that I can see access points, roof pitch, irrigation ditches, fences, road obstacles, driveways, bridges, gates, and nameless other things. This will surely benefit the citizens of this county. You and your staff need to be commended for the excellent work you have done.

A local attorney writes:

From both an attorney's perspective and from the perspective of someone who buys/sells real property, this is an incredibly informative site. I have referred a number of clients and friends to the website. Thank you!