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Missoula County GIS Deparment
(406) 258-3275
Missoula County Seal and image of areas around the City.

Missoula County GIS Department

Missoula County GIS Department
Good Evening from Missoula, Montana where it is Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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Mapping/GIS Division: Research Links

Certificates of Survey

Search for a Certificate of Survey (COS) by COS number, location (township, range, and section), or owner name.

View the COS Index.


Search for a subdivision by name, location (township, range, and section), or book/page.

View the Subdivision Indexes: Alphabetical, Township/Range/Section, and Book/Page.

Corner Recordation

Search for certified corner recordation forms.

Street Intersections

Search for survey monument information for roads by street intersection or location (township, range, and section).

Road Names

Search for roads by name.

View the Road Name Index.

Cadastral Information

Visit the Property Information System to search for cadastral information by gecode, tax ID, owner, or location.

View the Geocode/Tax ID/Address Index.