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Brownfields Program

The City of Missoula Brownfields Program, through the Department of Grants and Community Programs (GCP), assists in the assessment and cleanup of properties to encourage redevelopment and reused of that land.  Because the expense of remediation may inhibit or preclude redevelopment, the Brownfields Program seeks to obtain federal funding to assist in brownfields assessment and cleanup.  To that end, the City administers a Revolving Loan Fund for cleanup and an Assessment Fund to conduct assessments, and may also periodically obtain other federal assistance.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines brownfields generally as "real property, the expansion, redevelopment, or reuse of which may be complicated by the presence or potential presence of a hazardous substance, pollutant, or contaminant."  For properties that meet this definition, are eligible, and whose owners wish to participate, the Brownfields Program works to remediate environmental contamination to standards set by the EPA and Montana's Department of Environmental Quality.

Sites must meet a variety of criteria to be eligible for brownfields funding, such as that they cannot be owned by a party principally responsible for contamination.  Sites must be within the City limits.


Assessment Grant

The City of Missoula has recently received a $400,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Environment Protection Agency (EPA) to conduct assessments on petroleum and hazardous substance sites.  Missoula will use the assessment grant in conjunction with the existing Brownfields RLF, and existing tax increment financing funds available in each Urban Renewal District to cleanup and develop brownfields consistent with local planning documents.

Funding will be available for Phase I and Phase II assessments as well as for community outreach efforts.  Cleanup planning will be conducted after Phase II assessments are complete, and will include estimates of cleanup costs, which will then be used to execute RLF loan or subgrant agreements.

The application and funding process for these funds has not yet been developed; a start date in late fall is expected.

The City has begun an email list for those who might be interested in applying for these funds.  Information will be sent to those on the list as it becomes available.  To be placed on the list, send an email requesting to be on the list to Nancy Harte, Brownfields Coordinator, at and include "Brownfields Assessment" in the subject line.

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