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Missoula City-County Health Department: Health Promotion
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Missoula City-County Health Department: Health Promotion

Missoula City-County Health Department: Health Promotion

Worksite Wellness

Why concern yourself with employee wellness?

Eat Smart Move More

A Health Department program started in 2002 to improve health by promoting physical activity and healthier food choices for all Missoula County residents.

Physical activity

Physical Activity - Missoula

Benefits of Physical Activity in the Workplace


  1. financial coverage of all or part of health club membership
  2. breaks, flex time or paid activity time
  3. wellness program
  4. support of alternate work transportation
  5. dress code that allows physical activity


  1. on-site instructor/video led group classes
  2. equipment & instruction to promote physical activity
  3. mapping safe walking routes & activity areas
  4. increase safety and attractiveness of stairs
  5. showers/changing facilities
  6. outdoor exercise areas near work
  7. health club access with financial backing
  8. buddy systems and/or team challenges
  9. management modeling of walking
  10. bike racks
  11. walk & talk meetings


  1. peer role modeling
  2. incentives for:

  3.      onsite and work hour activities
         maintaining activities
         team challenges
         using health clubs
  4.  post stair use prompt by elevators
  5. physical activity education
  6. post community physical activities at work
  7. activity team challenges
  8. after work recreation and work team leagues

Take the Stairs encouragement



Breastfeeding in the workplace


Studies show that exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months of life results in a significant overall reduced risk of overweight, from infancy through adulthood.

Rationale for supporting breastfeeding

Why a supportive breastfeeding policy is important and how to implement one

Employer Initiative

Sample breastfeeding in the workplace policy

Breastfeeding - Missoula Eat Smart

How to become a breastfeeding friendly business - accommodate customers

How to be a breastfeeding friendly employer - to accommodate employees



Good nutrition comes from a diet that includes lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and is low in processed foods, refined sugars or fats.  Rewarding employees with donuts, or stocking vending machines with candy bars does not support good nutrition or re-enforce healthy eating habits.

Healthy vending machine choices

Healthier choices at meetings and events

Overweight and obesity concerns - Missoula

Cheap and healthy brown bag lunches for grown-ups - WebMD
There are many other web sites that discuss healthy lunches to take to work.



Health Screenings

Comprehensive Cancer Screening - Missoula

Health Screening Guidelines - Mayo Clinic

Health Screening Guidelines - CDC


Other resources




These sites have information on the effects of a suicide on co-workers:




Contact information

Physical activity - Mary McCourt - 258-3686

Health screenings - Diana Reetz-Stacey - 258-3684

Tobacco issues - Kaila Warren - 258-3685

Suicide prevention - Kristie Scheel - 258-3881

Traffic safety - DUI prevention and Seat Belt use - Lonie Hutchison - 258-3880

Nutrition - Rebecca Morley - 258-3827

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post stair use prompts by elevators

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