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Human Resources
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Human Resources: New Employees

Welcome to Missoula County

Congratulations on your new employment with Missoula County!  To expedite the paperwork necessary to create your payroll record, the required forms for new hires are available online for you to complete before your scheduled orientation. Please complete all seven (7) documents as soon as possible and return them no later than three (3) business days following your first day of employment.  When returning these forms, you are required to provide two (2) forms of ID to validate the I-9 form. (See instructions on the I-9 form for accepted forms of ID.)

Links to Forms

Please return each of the following documents in person to the Human Resources Office located at 199 W. Pine.

  1. W-4

  2. I-9
    **Complete page 7 and print pages 7 and 8 to bring in with required Identity documents.
  3. Emergency Contact

  4. Confidential Information Form

  5. Decedent's Warrant
    **This form designates a person to receive your final paycheck should you pass away while employed with Missoula County.

  6. Direct Deposit Authorization
    **Employees are encouraged to have their payroll checks deposited electronically to their account at any bank. Information on direct deposit is available from the Accounting or Human Resources departments.
  7. PERS - Public Employees' Retirement System or SRS - Sheriffs' Retirement

**All County employees are eligible for enrollment in PERS (MSRS). Employees who work at least 20 hours per week or a total of 960 hours per fiscal year are required to enroll in PERS (or MSRS). Any person who is a current member in PERS when hired, must participate in PERS.

If you are required to participate in PERS you will need to complete one of these forms:

For Detention Officers or Sheriff Deputies:

If it is optional for you to participate in PERS/SRS you need to complete this form to elect or decline membership:

Members contribute a percentage of their gross salary through payroll deduction each pay period.  This is matched by an employer contribution of the same percentage.  Within the first year of employment, all participants must choose between a Defined Benefit (DB) plan or a Defined Contribution (DC) plan for investment of contributions.  Consult the MPERA website (links below) for inforation on this irrevocable election.


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