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Community and Planning Services
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Community and Planning Services
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Conservation and Communities

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Open Lands Citizens Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Missoula County Open Lands Citizens Advisory Committee is to advise the Board of County Commissioners and represent the citizens of Missoula County in the protection and preservation of open space and the rural way of life for present and future generations.  Read more in the OLC brochure...

Missoula County Open Space Bond

Missoula County Land Stewardship Award Program

Landowners and residents throughout Missoula County are taking stewardship of land and water seriously and embarking on projects and practices that make a difference—for their land, for water, for fish, for wildlife, and for our communities.

Missoula County would like to thank those outstanding stewards and, more importantly, learn from them. We are always looking for exemplary stewards to be recognized in our annual award program.

Missoula County Agriculture Project

The Missoula County Commissioners wish to develop an agriculture policy for Missoula County due to the loss of agricultural land and the importance of agriculture to our local economy and culture.

County Commissioners across the state have been assigned the responsibility under the Montana Constitution to protect, enhance and develop agriculture. They are further obligated by the Montana Subdivision and Platting Act to mitigate the impacts of subdivision development on agriculture. However, the Missoula Commissioners also recognize that some methods for mitigating further loss of agricultural lands might adversely affect agricultural operators and their land.

PLACE Project

The Practical Landscape Assessment for Conservation and Enhancement (PLACE) is an effort by Missoula County to inventory and map information about conservation resources in Missoula County including natural and cultural resources with a focus on those that can be affected by human land use and development. It also help local government efficiently and consistently review subdivision and open space bond projects, using objective information about conservation resources. PLACE provides landowners, community groups, and other interested parties with easy access to information about conservation resources in Missoula County.

Streamside Protection Program

Healthy rivers and streams are valuable economic, ecological, and cultural resources appreciated by Missoula County residents and visitors alike. Healthy rivers sustain fisheries, streamside wildlife habitat, drinking water, agricultural land, recreation opportunities and more. Missoula County residents, landowners, and interest groups work hard to care for our iconic waterways and frequently urge public officials to support the protection, restoration, and enhancement of our water resources and the streamside riparian areas that sustain them.



Community Councils In Missoula County Communities

Community Councils acts as liaisons to the County Commissioners and bring information from citizens and residents of their areas to the attention of the Commissioners. Community Councils may also provide additional information deemed useful, beneficial and helpful to the Commissioners in making decisions which affect the community.

Community Based Land Use Planning

Missoula County Planning Region Profiles

General Planning Region profiles describe the 9 Planning Regions within Missoula County. The profiles were developed in response to questions we received from communities. The profiles contain social, economic, land use, natural resource and recreation information. Maps include Community Facilities, Land Use Designations, and Ownership.


Updated October 22, 2014