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Sundown Acres Subdivision Application


For Sundown Acres Subdivision Application

Public Hearing before the Missoula County Commissioners April 2, 2014

Project Summary

Missoula County Minor Subdivision Application

Preliminary Plat


A.   Plat Map for Orchard Home Company’s Addition No. 6

B.   Zoning Map & Resolution 2005-079

C.   Missoula Urban Area Comprehensive Plan Land Uses Map

D.   Proposed Covenants

E.    Vicinity Map

F.    Adjacent Properties and Ownership Map

G.   Existing Conditions Map

H.   Variance Requests

I.    Water & Sanitation Report

J.    Soils and Vegetation Assessment

K.   Agricultural Production Map

L.    NRCS Soils Map

M.   Surface Water and Floodway Map

N.   Vegetation Map

O.   USGS Topographic Map

P.    Wildlife Habitat Map

Q.   Street and Roads Plan

R.   Typical Section

S.    Drainage Report

T.    Grading and Drainage Plan

U.   Utilities Plan

V.    Letter from CAPS dated 11/20/13 – 1st Element Review

W.  Letter from CAPS dated 12/11/13 – 2nd Element Review

X.    Letter from CAPS dated 1/7/14 – 1st Sufficiency Review

Y.    Letter from CAPS dated 1/15/14 – Addendum to 1st Sufficiency Review

Z.    Letter from CAPS dated 2/11/2014 – 2nd Sufficiency

AA.                Letter from CAPS dated 2/24/2014 – 3rd Sufficiency

BB.                Letter from CAPS dated 3/6/2014 – Final Sufficiency

CC.              Compilation of Agency Responses