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Community and Planning Services
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Community and Planning Services
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Community and Planning Services:

The following are links to documents for various areas of interest.  They are grouped according to the area of interest.

**For City planning and zoning documents, contact the City Development Services at 552-6630 and visit the website here.

County Regulatory Documents
Building for Lease or Rent (Adopted August 14, 2013, by Resolution 2013-094)
Floodplain Regulations (Amended July 2015)

County Zoning Resolution

Subdivision Regulations (Amended 09/18/13)
Missoula County Fire-Related Subdivision Implementation Standards (Approved by the Board of County Commissioners July 2009)
Shoreline Regulations (Amended April 22, 2015)

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Updated 03/20/2014
Growth Policy

*Missoula County Growth Policy 2005 Update (print ready format) - amended February 28, 2014 by the Board of County Commissioners.

1975 Missoula County Comprehensive Plan

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Updated 07/03/13
Regional Land Use Plans
Lolo Regional Plan - County (Adopted April 24, 2002), amended May 18, 2010 by Resolution 2010-062
Missoula Urban Comprehensive Plan (Adopted 1998)
Butler Creek Area Comprehensive Plan Amendment - County (October 1996)
1997 Miller Creek Area Comprehensive Plan Amendment - County (Adopted August 13, 1997)
Missoula County Regional Land Use Guide (Adopted August, 2002)
Seeley Lake Regional Plan (Adopted October 20, 2010)
   -- Print ready document
South Hills Comprehensive Plan Amendment - County (Adopted February 1987)
Swan Valley-Condon Comprehensive Plan Amendment - County (Adopted December 18, 1996)
Target Range Neighborhood Plan (Adopted June 30, 2010)
Wye Mullan West Comprehensive Area Plan - City/County (Adopted November 16, 2005)
Reserve Street Plan (1995)

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Updated 07/03/13
Other County Plans
Fort Missoula Plan - City (January 1994)
Inventory of Conservation Resources for Missoula County, Montana (October 1992 Update)
Missoula County Parks and Trails Program Master Plan (March 2012)
*(This plan replaces the 1997 Parks & Conservation Lands Plan)
Tower Street Park Complex (Adopted January 1998) (606 kb)
Wye/O'Keefe Creek Area - County (Adopted 1979)
Parks & Conservation Lands Plan (Adopted January 21, 1997)
Tower Street Park Complex (Adopted January 1998)
   - Maps A, B and C
   - Resolution 2009-010 amendment allowing a change in use
Missoula Airport Development Park Master Plan (1995)
Reserve Area B Comprehensive Plan (2001)

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Updated 06/01/09
Transportation Documents
Transportation Planning Area (August 2013)
2012 Missoula Long Range Transportation Plan Update
Missoula Unified Planning Work Program (Approved September 2013)
Non-Motorized Transportation Plan (Adopted June 2001)
Update to the Public Participation Plan (Approved April 1, 2010)
Other Transportation related documents (takes you to the City Development Services Transportation Division page)

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Other Documents
2006 Updated Open Space Plan (City)

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