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Growth and development is expected to continue in western Montana and it can be well-designed and appropriately located in Missoula County or it can occur in haphazard ways that impact the values and places we cherish. Subdivision regulations help guide development in the County. In Missoula County, the subdivision regulations could do a better job of providing the minimum restriction necessary to guide subdivision design and development in such a way that:

Following a long series of necessary but partial updates to the Missoula County Subdivision Regulations over the last couple of decades, it has become clear that the best way to make the regulations more relevant today is to rewrite the entire document. The basis for this initiative started with the Subdivision Regulations Assessment Project.

Missoula County is now moving forward to update and modernize the subdivision regulations in a process that is expected to take at least a year. Through this process we expect to update the regulations to address issues raised in the Assessment, better integrate past amendments into the document, and to catch up with changes in development techniques, community perspectives, and state laws.

The public will be invited to participate on a wide range of topics such as updating road and pedestrian facilities standards, providing input on how to assess and mitigate subdivision impacts, and identifying how procedures may be streamlined. Collins Planning Associates (CPA) has been retained by Missoula County to assist in the subdivision regulations rewrite process.

 Questions about the project in general should be directed to Tim Worley, CAPS Senior Planner, at 258-4657.

Future public involvement opportunities are expected to range from tracking and commenting on project information and drafts, to participation in listening sessions and/or workshops, to attending public hearings. Missoula County Community and Planning Services Staff will soon provide a project “road map" that informs the public of the various subjects to be addressed, and expected time frames and public involvement opportunities expected for addressing these pieces.

Stay tuned for project documents and other resources as they become available.

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  • Infrastructure Discussions: Click here for the agenda for the events scheduled for November 21 - November 22

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UPDATED March 13, 2014