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Zoning District

Citizen Initiated and Special Zoning Districts

Zoning Districts (ZD) (also known as County Part One Zoning) are defined boundaries containing at least 40 acres that include goals and objectives for planning, and the district zoning regulations.  In the each of the ZD's below, citizens have joined together through a petition process to create a Citizen Initiated Zoning District. Through this process citizens are encouraged to develop their proposed ZD to follow the County's comprehensive planning goals.  To help with this process, review the Formation and Amendment of a Part One ("Citizen-Initiated") handout.

To view a map of each ZD, click on the zoning district number.  Each of the ZD resolutions are also available for review and include a complete description of the ZD. To view the ZD description, click on the link in the ZD location description.

Updated 12/03/09
Zoning District Location Description  
  Home Occupations in Zoning Districts (Res 81-132) - applies to Part 1 Zoning Districts #5, 6, 7, 9, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 30, 33, 34, 37, 38 and 39.
  Home Occupations in Zoning Districts (Res 2009-131) - applies to Part 1 Zoning Districts #4, 10, 12A, 32, and 36.
ZD #4 Adjacent to Pattee Canyon RD, encompassing Arnica RD, Huckleberry RD, Burning Tree DR, Snowshoe LN and some of Lupine RD (No Summary).  Res 2009-132 permitting Home Occupations
ZD #6 E of Russell ST, between Montana ST and Wyoming ST (Pink Grizzly) (No Summary)
ZD #7 Between 7th ST and Spurgin RD, encompassing Norman DR, Vicki DR and some of Tower ST (Summary)
ZD #8 Placid Lake Area (Summary)
ZD #8A Subdistrict in Placid Lake Area (No Summary)
ZD #9 W of Hiberta ST, between 7th ST and Spurgin RD, encompassing all of Gladis DR (No Summary) (amended May 31, 2007)
ZD #10 E of Hiberta ST and W of Reserve ST, between 7th ST and Spurgin RD (Summary).  Res 2009-133 permitting Home Occupations
ZD #12 E of 31st AVE and W of Reserve ST, between Spurgin RD and South AVE (Summary)
ZD #12A East of 31st AVE and W of 27th AVE, between Mount AVE and Central AVE (Res 78-126 Minimum Lot Size) (Res 2009-134 permitting Home Occupations) (Summary)
ZD #13 E of Tower ST and W of Short ST, between Clark Fork River 7th ST (amended 5/23/07) (No Summary)
ZD #14 Kehrwald DR (No Summary) (amended 5/31/07)
ZD #18 W of Highway 93, S of Blue Mountain RD and encompassing Wornath RD, Evergreen RD and Forest Hill LN (Summary)
ZD #25A Lindbergh Lake and Cygnet Lake
ZD #26 Lake Inez (No Summary) (amended 4/5/06)
ZD # 31 W of Bitterroot River, N of Chief Looking Glass RD and encompassing Leo Hanson RD, Five Wounds WY, Kesa LN, Carolin LN, Trudy LN, Denisa DR and East Carlton Creek RD (Summary)
ZD #32 S of Pattee Canyon, encompassing Mitten Mountain RD, Larch Camp RD. Solterra LN. (Res 2009-135 permitting Home Occupations) (Summary)
ZD #33 W of Bird LN, encompassing Moe RD (Summary)
ZD #34 E of Shady LN, N of Highway 10 East and encompassing Buttrey LN (Summary)
ZD #35 N of Interstate 90, encompassing Leo-Ray DR, Donovan Creek RD, Sliderock DR and Pine Tree (Summary)
ZD #36 N of Highway 200, S of Blackfoot River and encompassing River Bend DR (Res 2009-136 permitted Home Occupations) (Summary)
ZD #37 E of Clark Fork River, W of Rustic RD and encompassing Wood Hill CT (Summary)
ZD #38 Upper Grant Creek (Summary)
ZD #39 E of Highway 93 and between Blue Mountain RD and Bitterroot River (Summary)
ZD #40 Lolo (No Summary)
ZD #41 A portion of Lolo.  All land west of the center of the Bitterroot River, except the portion east of Tyler Way and south of Phase II of the Lakewood Estates subdivision.  (No Summary)
ZD #41A E of Highway 93, W of Bitterroot River and encompassing Peninsula PL, Lakewood PL and River DR and some of Red Fox RD (Summary)
ZD #41B E of Highway 93, W of Bitterroot River and encompassing some of Red Fox RD and north Lake Side DR (Summary)
ZD #42 W of I-90 / Huson RD interchange and between Montana Rail Link and I-90
ZD #43 E of Highway 93 and N of Blue Mountain RD
ZD #44 Sleeman Creek RD off Highway 12 - amended April 26, 2006, approved July 21, 2006 by Res. 2006-106
ZD #46 Ponda Rosa Acres south of Huson near the Clark Fork River in the Ponda Rosa Acres subdivision.

Special and Rural Zoning Districts:

(This section is still under construction.   Keep checking for updated information.)

Special Zoning Districts (SD) outline certain land uses within city limits that govern the use of land, density, bulk, height, and coverage of buildings and other structures uniformly. These districts are set up to accommodate special uses or purposes, such as residential and commercial developments.

Rural Zoning Districts are created to coordinate growth with physiographical criteria, to more efficiently and economically design, install, and maintain the size and capacity of physical and public service facilities to adequately and permanently meet needs resulting from a define intensity of land use.

Below is a list of current special and rural zoning districts in Missoula County. This list may be incomplete, so you may need to contact the Community and Planning Services office if you do not see a particular district.

(There are no listings available at this time.)