MCSSAR is composed of many teams that specialize in specific duties:

Water Rescue Operations:

Members train for swiftwater and ice rescue as well as underwater search and recovery. They log many hours on the boats each year in preparation for rescues and searches on the county’s rivers and lakes.

Winter Backcountry and Avalanche Operations:

Members are often called upon to search for lost hunters, skiers, and snowmobilers in the winter backcountry. They train extensively in the operation of snowmobiles and avalanche rescue equipment. MCSSAR coordinates efforts with Snowbowl Ski Patrol in the search for lost out-of-bounds skiers and snowboarders.


Missoula County SAR is a State of Montana licensed Basic LifeSupport/Non-Transport agency. The team is made up of First Responders and EMTs including Basics, Intermediates and Paramedics. MCSAR also maintains an agreement to train with specialized providers from Missoula Emergency Services, Inc. to provide ALS in the backcountry. That team, called the Backcountry Emergency Response Team (BERT), volunteers to train with MCSAR members so that they are able to provide ALS during SAR missions. The MCSAR Medical Director, Dr. Michael Kremkau, is an emergency room physician at Saint Patrick Hospital and can often be found in the field honing his backcountry SAR skills or training for competitive backcountry yoga.


The Missoula County SAR Ropes Team provides access and evacuation of patients in the backcountry via both high and low angle rope rescue techniques.