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Why this topic?

Regular physical activity is crucial to quality of life, regardless of your age. Buying a health club membership, or setting aside "exercise" time can be challenging. However, bicycling to work, or to do errands is a great form of physical activity that can be productive as well. While purchasing a bicycle may be a significant initial expenditure, it can provide countless hours of physical activity for very little annual outlay, and can also reduce gasoline consumption and air pollution.

Missoula is a bicycle town. We have a higher per capita rate of bicycling to work than other counties in the state, and other northern counties in the nation. This may be due to our high University student population, or the overall progressive attitude of the community. Even on snowy, cold winter days, you will see people riding bicycles to work or school.

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How are we doing?

Challenges to bicycling in Missoula:

On the other hand:

University of Montana:


This information is based upon: all workers ≥ age 16; for 1 week in April (when the weather wasn't very good); the primary worker for the household only; for their primary job only; and their primary method only. College students were not included.  (As of 2013, no update has been conducted.)

graph journey to work montana counties census 2000

US Census Bureau 2000 (As of 2013, no update available)

In 2010, the top 10 metropolitan areas for commuting by bicycle were Corvallis and Eugene, Oregon;  Fort Collins and Boulder, Colorado; Missoula, Montana (5%); Santa Barbara, Chico and Maria-Goleta, California; Gainsville, Florida; Logan, Utah; and Bellingham, Washington.  Their rates ranged from 3-10%.

US Census Bureau 2010

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Costs of transportation:

Missoula bicycle laws summarized:

Community designs that encourage bicycling:

Healthy People 2010 Target (Guidelines for 2020 have not yet been developed.)

  • 2% of adults bicycle to do errands if the distance is less than 5 miles
  • 5% of children bike to school if the distance is less than 2 miles

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