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Why this section?

A person's health and quality of life is vitally linked to his/her relative ability to meet basic needs. Basic needs include a steady and reliable income, food security, shelter, safety, affordable health care, appropriate education opportunities and transportation (and some argue other topics should be included. Like "health", the basic needs particulars can be different for different people during the changing stages of life. Ability to pay for day care is important to a young family; the ability to pay for prescription medications may be critical to an older adult.

A healthy community continually works to assure that each resident has a sufficient opportunity to meet those needs. Missoula County has hundreds of institutions, organizations and programs, and millions of dollars invested, to help.

Some Missoulians experience more challenges in meeting basic needs, particularly those living in poverty, less educated, mentally ill and/or victims of physical and emotional violence at some point in their lives. These people also experience disparities in terms of health, safety, and other concerns (see Special Populations below).

Related Measures

Social Indicators Report, a United Way Missoula County 2001 report that has many charts comparing many Missoula indicators with peer communities.

What is Missoula Measures?

Missoula Measures presents indicators, other data, and pertinent links on scores of topics related to health and quality of life in Missoula County. This site grew out of a healthy community indicators project initiated by Missoula city and county government in 1997-1999. Contributors to original project.

With questions or feedback regarding this site, contact Missoula City-County Health Dept. Health Promotion web maintenance.


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