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Why this topic?

“Guns don’t kill people . . . people kill people.” But people often use guns to kill others, or themselves. While accidental shootings are rare, they do occur, frequently when cleaning the gun, or putting it in or taking it out of a vehicle.

Nationally, about 58% of households own a gun.  Missoula Sheriff’s Office

Some studies have suggested that in US states, there is a direct relationship between high gun ownership rates and high gun death rates. 

How are we doing?

Healthy People 2020 Targets:    
  Base Target
Rate of firearm-related deaths 10 9
Rate of non-fatal firearm- related injuries 21 19

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Related Data

One contributing factor to the high number of successful suicides in the northwest is easy access to guns, with our comparatively high numbers of hunters.

According to the 1997 Survey of State Prison Inmates, among those possessing a gun, the source of the gun was from:

Concealed Weapons Permits are valid for 4 years, and are only necessary within cities and towns, or mining or logging camps. Law Enforcement officers, the National Guard and Probation officers do not need a permit. Many people who get permits don’t really need them.  Applications are reviewed by Sheriff’s Department.

Background checks for a gun purchase are conducted by gun dealers via the internet. Less than 1% of gun purchase checks results in denial.


Guns and Children

According to a 2013 analysis by the American Academy of Pediatrics, "Handguns account for the majority of childhood gunshot wounds, and this number appears to be increasing over the last decade," study lead author Dr. Arin Madenci said in an academy news release. "Furthermore, states with higher percentages of household firearm ownership also tended to have higher proportions of childhood gunshot wounds, especially those occurring in the home."

Child hospitalizations for gunshot wounds increased from about 4,300 in 1997 to more than 7,700 in 2009, the study found. In-hospital child deaths from gunshot wounds rose from 317 to 503 during that time.


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