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Why this topic?

The ability to provide for a roof over one’s head is a basic necessity of life. Beyond basic shelter, housing is a foundation for personal security and stability, and it defines the social ties of neighborhood, school, and community for most Missoulians. The national standard for renters suggests that housing costs, including rent and all utilities, should not exceed 30% of gross household income. To the extent that housing consumes more than that, it cuts in on the amount available for other basic needs, such as medical care, food, clothing and transportation.

Family Stability

Homelessness and the threat of homelessness puts a terrible strain on people in their relationships with each other and with their ability to continue in a job or do well in school. The incidence of health and social problems escalates when housing costs stress the family budget or, especially, when they result in the loss of housing altogether. Missoula At-Risk Housing Coalition


A family is said to experience cost-burden when their housing costs base, including utilities, exceed 30% of their gross income.

graph numbers of low income families and low cost housing units

Source: Source: 2010 US Census

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Missoula Consolidated Plan 2004 - 2008 - an extensive analysis of the housing market and current and future housing needs.

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Affordability - Missoula County

The average-income family is probably paying a higher percentage of their income for rental housing now than they did ten years ago. Low-income families are experiencing an increasingly severe cost burden for housing. In the worst cases, they may be forced to leave the Missoula area or even become homeless. Of 1200 households seeking help at the Women's Opportunity Resource Development's Family Basic's program, more than half were spending between 60-80% of their income on housing (2001)

Subsidized Housing

As of February, 2008, there were:

Average wait – 12 months. Missoula Housing Authority Report 2008.

Missoula Housing Authority Annual Report 2011

See Housing Rental Assistance.


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