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graph bus ridership 1980-2014



Source: Mountain Line

Why this topic?

Missoula’s population and the number of vehicle miles traveled is increasing. The desire to improve air quality is growing. More people using the bus is one simple answer to these and similar problems. To increase ridership, in 2014, some routes had expanded hours, and fees were eliminated.

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Mountain Line

Missoula's public bus service is Mountain Line. Their service area extends beyond the city limits to include an area of about 75,000 people in the Missoula urban area.

Cleaner Air, Less Gas Consumption

Buses produce significantly less air pollution to move one passenger one mile ( a passenger mile) compared to moving a person one mile in a single-occupant vehicle. Buses emit only 20% as much carbon monoxide, 10% as many hydrocarbons, and 75% of nitrogen oxides per passenger mile as a car. And, according to Department of Energy data, transit uses 8.7% less energy per passenger mile than a typical car. (Mountain Line)


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