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Office of Planning & Grants

The Missoula Office of Planning and Grants provides planning, program development and implementation services to the citizens and elected officials of the City and County of Missoula. The Office of Planning and Grants engages in natural resources and land-use planning, community development activities, and grant programs that effectively improve the health, safety, and welfare of Missoula County residents. This is the first stop if you are interested in land use and growth in Missoula County. You can find maps, data, subdivision regulations, zoning codes, all existing plans incl. growth master plan, transportation and neighborhood plans, and more.

Missoula Redevelopment Agency

City Council created the Missoula Redevelopment Agency to encourage new development and redevelopment in Missoula pursuant to its three adopted Urban Renewal District Plans. MRA reclaims blighted urban renewal areas by preserving existing public investment, enhancing the tax base, generating employment, and stimulating private investment. MRA encourages infill development and the adaptive reuse of the built environment. State law and local ordinance empower MRA to respond aggressively and with flexibility to redevelopment problems and opportunities within the three Urban Renewal Districts (URD). Through redevelopment programs and projects, MRA provides alternatives to urban sprawl outside the existing municipal service boundaries.

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What is Missoula Measures?

Missoula Measures presents indicators and other data, background information, and pertinent links on scores of topics related to health and quality of life in Missoula County. This site grew out of a healthy community indicators project initiated by Missoula city and county government in 1997-1999.   Contributors to original project.

This website is managed and updated by Lorena HillisMissoula City-County Health Dept.


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