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Q: How do I apply for a Montana vehicle title and register my vehicle?
A: You may apply for title and registration at the Motor Vehicle Office of the County Treasurer in the county where you live. You must present the out-of-state title or Manufacturers Certificate of Origin at the time you apply. If the title is not available, you may receive a temporary registration permit by presenting the vehicle's registration, until the title is acquired.
Q. I just moved here from another state. How long do I have to get Montana plates?
A: 60 days or if you become gainfully employed, whichever comes first.
Q: I have lost my title, how do I obtain a duplicate title?
A: An application for duplicate title may be obtained at any County Treasurer's office, or download Form MV7. You must mail the completed application and a fee of $10 to: Title and Registration Bureau, 1003 Buckskin Drive, Deer Lodge, MT 59722.
Q: How do I obtain information on the owner of a vehicle?
A: You may complete and submit the Release of Motor Vehicle Records along with a $6 fee to the Title and Registration Bureau (address above). This form may be obtained at any County Treasurer's office or download Form MV210.
Q: Can a security interest or lien be filed with an application for a duplicate title?
A: Yes. Send the application, the $8 filing fee and a copy of the security or lien agreement signed by the vehicle owner to the Title and Registration Bureau. The application can be obtained at any County Treasurer's office, or download Form MV7.
Q: Do all owners have to sign-off on a MT title to transfer ownership?
A: Yes.
Q: Do the license plates stay with the vehicle?
A: No. The seller must remove the license plates from the vehicle when selling.
Q: My spouse passed away and the title was in both names. How do I get her/his name off the title?
A: Submit a certified copy of the death certificate along with the title through your local County Treasurer's office.
Q: My spouse passed away and the title was in his/her name only. How do I get a title in my name?
A: If the estate is not probated, submit a completed Right of Survivorship affidavit and the appropriate title fee ($12 for automobiles, vans, SUV's, trucks, buses weighing less than one ton - $10 for all other vehicles) directly to this office. This form may be obtained at any County Treasurer's office or download Form MV12. If you plan on using the vehicle you will title and register it in your name using the Right of Survivorship form.  If you are going to sell the vehicle you will use a Right of Survivorship and get a title only.  If the estate is probated, the personal representative or executor of the estate needs to sign the title as seller for the deceased, and provide a certified copy of the court documents appointing the personal representative or executor.
Q: Is a person who will be temporarily employed in Montana required to register his or her vehicle?
A: Yes. An owner and/or user of a motor vehicle who is gainfully employed in Montana must immediately register the vehicle. The vehicle must be currently registered in another jurisdiction.  This process is referred to as a Registration Purposes Only (RPO) and is not eligible for permanent registration.
Q: How can a vehicle title be transferred to Montana if a secured party or lien holder is holding the title?
A: The County Treasurer's office has a form to complete for the vehicle owner to send to the lien holder requesting the title be released to the county or download Form MV63.
Q: How can I obtain a title if I purchased a vehicle from someone who did not have a title?
A: Depending on the value of the vehicle you may either obtain the title using the Bonded Title or Defective Title or Insufficient Evidence of Ownership process. The Surety bond (if required) is in the amount of the vehicle value and will run for 3 years. If no claim is made on the title within that time, a clean title will be issued.
Q: I paid off my vehicle but my title shows a lien.  What should I do?
A: Simply attach the lien release from the lender to the title.  Provide both documents to a purchaser in the event of a sale.
Q: What is the fee for a Montana title?
A: $12 for automobiles, vans, SUV's, trucks, buses one ton or less - $10 for all other vehicles. $10 for Duplicate titles and corrected titles.

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