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Missoula County Fee Schedules

Revised fees for minor subdivisions for lease or rent went into effect May 9, 2012 per Resolution 2012-52

These fees can be viewed in either "Portable Document Format" (.pdf) format or "Hypertext Markup" (.htm) format where available.   Individual fee activities are listed further down this page.

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County Fees
Resolution 2011-093 Portable Document
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Individual County Fee Activities

A fee is required for processing permits and variances, and shall cover the cost of providing public notice, processing permits and variances, and performing sufficient field inspection to ensure compliance.

The table below lists various activities in the County. To view the fee schedule for these activities, click on the activity.

Links to Individual Fees
Subdivision Fees
Flat Fees 
Discretionary Permits

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County Subdivisions
Item Description Fee Amount
Major Subdivision Preliminary Plat
6 to 50 lots $4,000 + $200 per lot
11-20 lots $4,500 +$150 per lot
21-40 lots $5,500 + $100 per lot
More than 40 lots $7,500 + $50.00 per lot
Major Final Plat Review $1,150.00
Minor Subdivision Preliminary Plat (1 - 5 lots) $5,000
NEW! Minor Subdivision for Lease or Rent (1-5 structures or uses that are separate from a structure:  
   Preliminary Plan $200.00
   Variance  $100.00
    Final Plan $ 50.00
Minor Final Plat Review $710.00
Variance from Subdivision Standards $500.00
Parkland Dedication Waiver $265.00
Vacation of Recorded Plats $780.00
Plat Extension (Preliminary or Final) $470.00
Phasing Plan Creation/Amendment $575.00
Plat Adjustments - Preliminary and Final $895.00
Condition Amendments $895.00
Subdivision Exemption Affidavit $200.00
Fire Service Review  
Plat Review for 1-5 lots or units $220.00/review
Plat review for 6-50 lots or units $294.00/review
Plat Review for more than 50 lots or units $368.00/review
Final Plat Review $184.00/review
Fire-related Review and Inspections prior to building permit review
   w/residential fire sprinkler systems

   w/o residential fire sprinkler systems $257.00/lot
Preliminary or Final Plat Adjustment Review $147.00
Phasing Plan Creation/Amendment Review $147.00
Condition Amendment review $147.00
Plat/Phasing Plan Extension Review $147.00
Covenant Amendment Review $147.00
Work in Progress Double Fee
**To simplify the process, OPG collects County Public Works fees along with these County Subdivision fees.

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County Flat Fee Activity
Item Description Fee Amount
Growth Policy
Growth Policy Amendment $6,000.00
Growth Policy Amendment - Appeal Re-application
Building Permit Land-Use and Zoning Compliance Review
Accessory Structures $ 50.00
Single and Duplex Residential $100.00
Multi-Dwelling Residential $150.00
Commercial and Industrial - Remodel/Addition $100.00
Commercial and Industrial - New $200.00
Non-Conforming Use Determination
Single and Duplex Residential $200.00
Multi-Unit, Commercial and Industrial $200.00
Zoning Compliance Permits (not associated w/building permit)
Signs $80 .00
Seasonal Use $35.00
Conditional Use Permit - Home Occupation $30.00
Conditional Use Permit - Other $50.00
Rural ZD Conditional Use Permit (Resolution 2010-105)  
Conditional Use Permit with Notice - Administrative Review $200.00
Conditional Use Permit with Notice - Board of County Commissioner Review $450.00
Special District #2
Permitted Use Determination $90.00
Appeal $1,025.00
Conditional Use $450.00
Special Use $950.00
Floodplain Permits
Floodplain Determination for Regulatory Purposes $ 65.00
Floodplain Determination w/site visit $145.00
Floodplain Permit:
    Small Scale (SDUs, small ponds, typical ag structures) $675.00
    Large Scale (in-stream structures, bank stablzn, multis, com'l/ind'l, bridges, campgrounds, gravel pits) $790.00
Floodplain Application during/after project complete Double Fee
Floodplain Permit Extension $ 50.00
Floodplain Permit Variance Application $1,085.00
Letter or Map Revision (LOMR) w/o Floodplain Permit $145.00
Shoreline Permits  
Shoreline Permit residential w/o Variance $200.00
Shoreline Permit residential with Variance $250.00
Shoreline Permit commercial w/o Variance $300.00
Shoreline Permit commercial with Variance $350.00
Shoreline Permit Extension $ 85.00

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County Discretionary Permits
Item Description Fee Amount
Board of Adjustment (BOA)
Variance: Single and Duplex Residential $825.00
Variance: Multi-Unit Residential, Commercial and Industrial $1,095.00
Special Exception $1,185.00
Appeal of Administrative Action No Fee
Vested Right Exemption $895.00
Public Forums $715.00
Part 1 MCA Zoning - District Creation/Amendment $6,000
Part 1 MCA Zoning - Zoning Variance $825.00
Public Forum $715.00
Rezoning Standard District:
County Zoning Growth Policy Implementation - BCC Initiated No Fee
--Less than or equal to 1 acre $4,000
--More than 1 acre $4,000
Special District/Planned Unite Development:
--Less than or equal to 1 acre $6,500
--More than 1 acre $6,500
PUD Major Adjustment $2,000
Special District/Shopping Center:
--Shopping Center - Preliminary $5,000
--Shopping Center - Final $1,400
--Shopping Center - Major Adjustment $2,500
--Special District/Mobile Home $5,000
Rural Zoning District $5,000
Planned Variation $5,000



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