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Office of Planning and Grants
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Neighborhood Sampler


Alley House
A parcel with an accessory dwelling unit located on an alley, in addition to the primary residential structure(s) on the parcel.
Comprehensive Plan Density
Density as indicated by the Missoula Comprehensive Plan
Current (Gross) Density
Number of dwelling units within each 10 acre sample site
House Setback from Sidewalk
Distance between the back of the sidewalk and the house (Average)
House Spacing
Distance between houses (Average)
Net Density
Number of dwelling units within each 10 acre
Number of Dwellings
Number of actual dwelling units within the sample site including multi-family and alley housing
Pervious Surface
Any land area within the sample site which is green and growing. Excluding: streets, sidewalks, houses and accessory buildings, compacted parking areas, etc...
Sample Site
10 acre section of a known neighborhood
Sidewalk Setback
Sidewalk distance from back of curb (N/A if sidewalk is attached to street)
Street Width
Width of street measured inside of curb to inside of curb
Current zoning for the sample site (may contain more than one type)
Zoning Max Density
The density that is currently allowed by zoning