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Neighborhood Sampler - Introduction

This project contains detailed descriptions of twenty-two, ten acre sites in residential neighborhoods in and around Missoula, Montana. The sample sites are typical of the neighborhoods in which they are located, and are a representative sample of typical development patterns within the Missoula Urban Area. No judgment has been made on the style or character of the sites. All information is provided based on actual field information and resources provided through the Office of Planning and Grants. Basic information was gathered from each site to illustrate development pattern and density. Information such as setbacks, street widths, streetscape and typical housing types have been provided both textually and through images for each respective area. 

In addition, the current density (both net and gross), density allowed by the comprehensive plan and current allowable zoning density has been included. Aerial photos for each area and the ownership parcels are presented on the primary page for each sample site. The types of housing have been included with the ownership parcel map. The housing types include single family, multi-family and alley units. In addition to ownership parcels, platted lots are also provided. Basic neighborhood characteristics are provided to describe the character of the area. We endeavored to keep the sample selection objective and without bias as to development patterns.

We hope you find this information interesting and that it contributes to an understanding of development patterns in Missoula. Please let us know what you think about the website by clicking on the feedback listing on the contents page. Thank You, The Office of Planning and Grants


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