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At Risk Housing Coalition (ARHC)

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The At Risk Housing Coalition (ARHC) is an ongoing formal task force comprised of representatives from health and human service agencies and governmental departments. ARHC was formed in 1993 by Women's Opportunity and Resource Development to initiate a community-wide effort to prevent and address homelessness. ARHC functioned for ten years as a loosely-organized body, meeting monthly and forming committees and collaborations to address identified needs.

In 2004, ARHC formalized as a coalition requiring membership and adherence to agreements and protocols. ARHC continues to work on issues surrounding low-income housing and homelessness in Missoula and coordinates the local effort to plan and provide comprehensive services through a continuum of care.



ARHC maintains committees to work on distinct projects. When an issue arises that requires more discussion, the large group refers to the appropriate committee. ARHC committees make decisions by consensus.

Steering Committee: This committee oversees ARHC's functions. The Steering Committee reviews policy issues and makes recommendations to ARHC for decisions. Steering Committee members act as the Endorsement Committee and Membership Committee as required.

Endorsement Committee: The Endorsement Committee convenes as needed to review proposals for ARHC endorsement of grants and projects according to established Endorsement Criteria.

Membership Committee: The Membership Committee reviews and approves or denies applications for ARHC membership and orients new members.

Emergency and Winter Shelter Committee: This committee completes an inventory each fall of the number of emergency shelter and transitional housing beds, food and other resources and produces a contingency plan for "overflow.” The Committee annually discusses the best use of county Winter Shelter funds and makes a recommendation to OPG. This committee appoints individuals to work on the Winter Shelter Committee to coordinate the distribution of those funds. The Winter Shelter Committee meets weekly with the grantee from December through March to staff cases and fund requests.

Project Planning Committee: This committee does long-range planning and data gathering for large projects. The Project Planning Committee meets as needed.


The Office of Planning and Grants coordinates ARHC communications. The coalition is internally facilitated and operated by the membership. ARHC members facilitate meetings on a rotating basis. Meetings and committee participation are open, and any member may raise an issue for consideration by the group.


ARHC typically meets the first Monday of each month, from 10 am to 12 pm. Main meeting and Committee meeting times and locations vary.  All ARHC and committee meetings are open to the public. Contact the ARHC Coordinator at 258-4980.

MEETING STRUCTURE - ARHC Meetings (the entire membership)

For more information, please contact the ARHC Coordinator at the Department of Grants and Community Programs at 258-4980.

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