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Grants and Community Programs
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Grant Programs:

About Grants

Programs include County Human Service and Special Fund Grant Programs; City CDBG and HOME Entitlement and Title I Grant Programs; City and County Public Service, Housing; and Public Facilities, and Economic Development Grants Programs.

The Grants Department implements completed plans; prepares and administers grant proposals and planning documents; negotiates terms and manages contracts; coordinates and facilitates service delivery among providers; provides technical assistance to agencies and entities; monitors program effectiveness; provides direct services (e.g. victim assistance); implements and manages grant-funded programs; issues and responds to requests for proposals; recommends allocation of resources; submits mandated reports to State and Federal agencies; identifies human and public service needs by facilitating or participating in the work of ongoing coalitions and task forces, citizen groups, service providers, and public officials; and acquires and manages the necessary informational, technical, and financial resources needed to respond to identified community needs. Grant programs address a variety of issues affecting the quality of life and livability in the City and County in the following general categories: housing and homelessness; economic development; infrastructure/public facilities; victim assistance; human/public services; youth programs; and historic and cultural preservation.

Goal. It is the goal of the Grants Department to work effectively with the public, elected officials, community-based organizations and other agencies to help analyze and address problems identified by the community; develop appropriate program responses to meet identified needs; and secure necessary resources for implementation of effective solutions. It is also a goal to increase public education and discourse in the community to engender a greater sense of mutual responsibility and participation in problem solving and planning for the future. The Grants Division works with community groups to address identified concerns through assessments of needs and resources, program development, preparation of competitive grant applications, and fund administration.

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