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Grants and Community Programs
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Administration of the Office of Planning and Grants includes activities that contribute to the overall effectiveness of OPG. Examples include workplan development and monitoring; acquisition and management of necessary informational, technical, and financial resources; pursuit of training opportunities; fiscal and personnel management; formulation of operational policies; articulation of departmental goals; and development and maintenance of positive working relationships within the Office, with the public, and with other departments.

Current Planning

Current Planning is responsible for the administration and enforcement of City and County zoning, subdivision, floodplain, shoreline, and other land-use regulations. Current Planners assist with rezoning and subdivision project review, variance requests, and information/research services as requested by members of the public. Current Planners issue sign, shoreline, floodplain, and zoning compliance permits, and they review business license and building permit applications for zoning compliance. Current Planning also is responsible for implementing and enforcing all City and County land-use ordinances, resolutions, and policies approved by the governing bodies.


The Grants Division implements completed plans; prepares and administers grant proposals and planning documents; negotiates terms and manages contracts; coordinates and facilitates service delivery among providers; provides technical assistance to agencies and entities; monitors program effectiveness; provides direct services (e.g. victim assistance); implements and manages grant-funded programs; issues and responds to requests for proposals; recommends allocation of resources; submits mandated reports to State and Federal agencies; identifies human and public service needs by facilitating or participating in the work of ongoing coalitions and task forces, citizen groups, service providers, and public officials; and acquires and manages the necessary informational, technical, and financial resources needed to respond to identified community needs. Grant programs address a variety of issues affecting the quality of life and livability in the City and County in the following general categories: housing and homelessness; economic development; infrastructure/public facilities; victim assistance; human/public services; youth programs; and historic and cultural preservation.


OPG staff participates in and coordinates the transportation planning program for the Missoula urban area.  This program is a collaborative effort and conducted in cooperation with the City and County of Missoula, Missoula Urban Transportation District (Mountain Line), Montana Department of Transportation (MDT), Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Federal Transit Administration (FTA), and other local, State, and Federal agencies.

Urban Initiatives (City Research and Long Range Planning

Urban Initiatives is responsible for managing the Growth Policy requirements for the City and for managing the legislative initiatives of the City Council and Administration as they relate to that policy.   It is also responsible for comprehensive neighborhood and area-based planning activities in the Missoula Urban area.   Responsibilities include activities related to growth management initiatives, land use and community development planning, evaluation of development proposals for compliance with existing comprehensive plans and policies, comprehensive plan amendments and plan implementation initiatives.   Resource management responsibilities include providing demographic, socioeconomic, and environmental resource data, and technical assistance on comprehensive planning elements such as housing, capital improvements, open space, neighborhood planning, and natural and cultural resources conservation.


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