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Missoula County Superintendent of Schools
(406) 258-4860
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Missoula County Superintendent of Schools

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Superintendent of Schools - FAQs

Q: How are we different than Missoula County Public Schools?

A: Missoula County Public Schools is a public school district. Our office is a county government office of an elected official.

Q: Who has authority over the school districts?

A: The Board of Trustees of each district sets policies. The Montana State Office of Public Instruction approves a school's accreditation status.

Q: How many school districts are in Missoula County?

A: 13.   See our list of School Administrators.

Q: How many students are enrolled in Missoula County school districts?

A: 2011: 13,255.   Enrollment

Q: Why is Sunset School still open with only one student attending?

A. If Sunset School closed, the district would be absorbed by either Potomac or Seeley Lake and taxpayers would be paying significantly more than what they pay now per $100,000 of residential property. See the matrix below:
                    Mills (FY11/12)           $ tax/$100,00 value               Relative difference

Sunset         51.47                         $81.48

Potomac      130.04                        $205.86                      130.04/51.47=2.53 or 253%
Seeley         112.04                        $177.36                      112.04/51.47=2.18 or 218%

Q: What records does the county superintendent maintain?

A: Refer to Recordkeeping.

Q: How can your child attend a different school district?

A: Call the district of choice and ask if they take out-of-district students. If the answer is "yes", there may be a tuition charge.

Q: What's the difference between school districts and attendance areas?

A: Attendance areas are boundaries located inside a large school district; e.g. MCPS, District 1

Q: How can I find out what school district my children will attend?

A: Call our office at 258-4860. 

Search by Home Address using Attendance Locator:

Search using County's Property Information System;

Q: Why doesn't the bus come to my house?

A: By law a school district is only obligated to transport students who live three or more miles from the school.

Q: What is the phone number for Adult Education?

A: (406) 549-8765.

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