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Missoula Office of Planning and Grants - Transportation Planning Division
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Missoula Office of Planning and Grants - Transportation Planning Division

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Transportation - Current Activities

2012 Long Range Transportation Plan Update

The update process has begun.  The MPO will be working with LSA Associates, in partnership with Cambridge Systematics and Crandall Arambula, to assist in the LRTP update.  For more information on the LRTP process and upcoming public meetings please follow the link below.

 2012 Long Range Transportation Plan Update

2012 Transportation Demand Management Review

Transportation demand management (TDM)  is the application of strategies, policies, and technologies to reduce travel demand and strain on the transportation network of a city.  The Transportation Policy Coordinating Committee (TPCC) has requested a comprehensive review of the Transportation Demand Management (TDM) services in Missoula and a set of recommendations for improving service delivery.

2012 TDM Review

 Non-Motorized Transportation Count Program

We need the help of valued community members to help us collect this data!

Fall 2012 counts will occur:

Tuesday, September 11th from 4-6 p.m.

and Saturday, September 15th from noon-2 p.m.

To volunteer please fill out the contact form located here.

The Missoula Metropolitan Organization (MPO) is getting ready to once again conduct non-motorized traffic counts in May and September of this year.

Last year, volunteers stationed at 17 locations throughout Missoula counted all bicycle riders, pedestrians and all other forms of human-powered travel. The non- motorized traffic count is part of a larger effort to enhance the transportation demand model with local data for non-motorized traffic.

Non-motorized traffic counts will help us determine how much, where and what facilities are used in our community and what our needs are for enhancing, or improving our non-motorized system. Having this data will better inform our future planning and funding decisions.

Missoula’s Non-motorized count program will aid the National Bike Pedestrian Documentation Project effort by adding data from Missoula to that supplied by other cities. By conducting its non-motorized counts in accordance with NBPD procedures, Missoula will be able to submit its data to the NBPD for inclusion in a national database. All agencies and organizations that participate in this project will have free and unlimited access to the database.

Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT) Results

AADT is a standard measure of traffic volumes and is thus useful in comparing traffic volumes counter locations.  For more on how AADT is calculated, please visit the National Bike Pedestrian Documentation Project for information regarding count methodology

September 2010 Non-Motorized Traffic Counts Results

May 2010 Non-Motorized Traffic Counts Results

2011 Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP)

The 2011 UPWP describes transportation planning activities within the Missoula area during the 2010 program year, which runs from October 1 through September 30. The UPWP is divided into several work elements, such as program support and administration, service, transportation demand management, and air quality. This transportation planning document guides transportation work and is a detailed annual management document for planning and administrative projects.

Final 2011 UPWP


FY 2010-2014 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

The TIP contains transportation planning projects within the Missoula area during the fiscal years 2010–2014.

Final FY 2010-2014 TIP

Final FY 2011-2015 TIP

Congressional Stimulus Package:

EPA Clean Diesel Grant Program

EPA Clean Diesel Campaign Website

Missoulian article covering the program

Clean Diesel Grant Application and Appendices (07/06/2010)

Clean Diesel Grant Press Release

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