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2012 Missoula Long Range Transportation Plan

Staff prepares a long range Transportation Plan every three years. This document contains a financially constrained plan that looks at all federal and state resources expected to be received over the next 20 years, and lists projects that could be completed using the anticipated funding.

 2011 Missoula Active Transportation Plan (Adopted June 2011):

The 2011 Missoula Active Transportation Plan (MATP) replaces the previous 2001 Non-Motorized Transportation plan. It provides guidance for the public and private
development of active transportation facilities in the Missoula Metropolitan Planning
Area within the context of the Missoula County Growth Policy.  It also informs the
MPO's Long Range Transportation Plan, which addresses all modes of transportation
over a twenty‐five year time horizon.  The MATP lays out the community's vision for the bike and pedestrian components of the larger, multi‐modal transportation
system, recommends new policies and designs and provides a list of proposed projects from which the MPO can draw in prioritizing federal aid transportation funding for bike and pedestrian infrastructure.

The 2011 Missoula Active Transportation Plan fills the need for current policy and
planning recommendations for an active transportation system that helps meet that
community vision.  As used in this Plan, “active transportation” means any form of
human-powered transportation—walking, travel by wheelchair or other assistive device, biking (assisted by transit as needed)—and a host of strategies that are supportive of these modes, including connectivity, street design and the proximity of trip origins and appealing destinations.  

 Missoula Active Transportation Plan Implementation Committee:

Per the implementation section of the MATP, an Implementation Committee (MATPIC) was formed after the adoption of the plan to insure continued action and coordination of efforts to pursuant to the goals of the plan.  The committee will meet on a quarterly basis with the aim of implementing the items listed within the MATP Implementation Matrix and addressing various issues related to active transportation as they may arise.

MATPIC member organizations include:

 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP):

What is the TIP? The TIP lists transportation projects and programs to be carried out within the Missoula urban area during the next five-years. The TIP lists projects according to the funding sources (federal, state and local) used to pay for each project.

OPG prepares a TIP annually that contains a five-year program of projects. The time period coincides with the Federal Fiscal Year which runs from October 1 through September 30.

Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP):

The UPWP describes transportation planning activities within the Missoula area during the UPWP program year, which runs from October 1 through September 30. The UPWP is divided into several work elements, such as program support and administration, service, transportation demand management, and air quality. This transportation planning document guides transportation work and is a detailed annual management document for planning and administrative projects.



Missoula Urban Area Traffic Count Program

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