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Missoula Office of Planning and Grants - Transportation Planning Division
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Missoula Office of Planning and Grants - Transportation Planning Division

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Transportation - Public Involvement

Topics of Interest

This section is dedicated to topics of Public Interest, the topics posted here are those for which many public inquiries have been made, discussions are ongoing, and there is information or graphics too large to email.

Missoula wins an AMPO award for Envision Missoula

These awards honor excellence in the planning field. The winners will be honored on October 28, 2009 during the opening night of the annual Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations (AMPO) conference in Savannah, GA.

Russell Street & South 3rd Street Peer Review Status

In response to a request from City Council, Kittleson & Associates is conducting a Traffic Analysis Update of the Russell Street / South 3rd Street Draft Environment Impact Statement.  Here are links to Technical Memo No. 1, Technical Memo No. 2 and Technical Memo No. 3 and the final report.  The visual simulations are available, however, they are too large (600 MB) to place on the ftp site. Please let us know if you would like copies of the simulation files.

For more information please contact:

Gregg Wood, City Public Works Project Development Coordinator

Phone: 406.552.6093


Missoula Active Transportation Plan

2010 Active Transportation Plan- Work Program (Updated 02/10/10)

2010 Active Transportation Plan- Technical Advisory Committee  (TAC)

2010 Missoula Active transportation Plan- January 28th Community Workshop:

Travel Demand Model Enhancement

Historically, the travel demand model (TDM) has been used primarily to determine air quality conformity and forecast future vehicle trips. The model enhancement will integrate bicycle, pedestrian and transit trip types and update local road conditions such as traffic calming, posted speed limits and other operational elements.

The resulting model will help better identify how mode-choices vary throughout
Missoula, aid the MPO with prioritization and selection of transportation related projects and provide the ability to assess impacts due to facility installation and commercial/residential development on the transportation system.

Small image indicating a New document.Travel Demand Model Enhancement Request for Proposals (02/26/2010)
        - Log of questions received regarding the RFP (03/11/2010) -

Transportation Updates

The Transportation Update Newsletters are designed to inform you of current planning events, upcoming meetings, give you transportation project updates, and to keep you abreast of what is new and exciting in the world of transportation planning in the Missoula Valley.

2009 Newsletters

You can receive these monthly notices via email by contacting Mirtha Becerra at

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Public Participation Plan

This document is a “people’s” participation plan. The plan outlines the strategy that will be followed to conduct outreach, public education, and gather public input. The plan contains an in depth explanation of the procedures we will use along with a table of outreach methods we will be using. The appendix contains all excerpts from the federal regulations, definitions of complex and key terms, as well as a list of interested parties to whom information on transportation distributed.

Guide to Public Participation Opportunities

There are three main programs we work with.

  1. The Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP):

    Identifies how we will be interacting with other agencies annually; it lays out how much time staff will spend working on specific programs or projects. Additionally it defines how much money will be set aside for studies.

  2. The Long Range Transportation Plan:

    This is our umbrella document from which the TIP is derived. It outlines the goals and objectives for our entire system, including roadways (upgrading, maintaining, and new), bicycle lanes and paths, sidewalks, and bus system. The plan looks at the existing system. The plan analyzes the deficiencies, it also conducts evaluations on safety, the transit system, the truck and train routes, and the bicycle and pedestrian system as it is today. The plan also looks at how we are managing travel demand through our programs designed to promote travel by means other than a single occupant vehicle (this is called travel demand management).

    After the analysis of the current system the plan looks to the future, exploring population, employment and traffic projections. This attempts to give us a picture of what we will need to plan for. From this we look at the maximum capacity of the current system and figure out where things will need to change. Once that is accomplished the plan continues to offer a breakdown of suggested options for how to implement the changes.

    Changing the system costs money. After suggesting ways to alter the system to meet future needs, the plan discusses financing. A thorough description funding is given to explain how the different types of projects are paid for.

    The final chapter in this document is the recommended plan, complete with graphs and charts to demonstrate how to go about updating our transportation system to satisfy our goals and objectives.

    There are an enormous amount of pubic participation opportunities during the Long Range Transportation Plan Update.

  3. The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP):

    The TIP pulls prioritized projects from the LRTP and outlines all the traffic related, bicycle, pedestrian, road, transit, and other projects slated for the next 5 years. This program is updated every year.

Title VI

Missoula MPO Nondiscrimination Policy Statement and Assurances

Missoula MPO Organizational Chart


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