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Missoula Valley Water Quality District
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Missoula Valley Water Quality District

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Water Quality District - Least Toxic Materials

Disease control - biofungicides
LTO Material Trade Name Outlet
Ampelomycea quisqaulis (AQ10) Plant Health Care
Bacillus subtilis Activate Kodiak Plant Health Care
Burkholderia cepacia Bac-Pack Deny Soil Technologies
Market VI
Gliocladium spp. Gliomix SoilGard Hydrogardens
Psuedomonas flourescens Blight Ban Peaceful Valley Farm
Streptomyces griseoviridis Mycostop Planet Natural
Streptomycin Bonide Fireblight
Caras Nursery; Earth and Wood; Marchie's Nursery
Trichoderma harzianum Bio-Trek (turf)
Rootshield/Planter's Box
Wilbur Ellis
Disease Control - Least Toxic Chemical Controls
Antitranspirants Wilt-pruf Caras Nursery; Earth & Wood; Marchie's Nursery
Baking Soda Remedy Gardener's Supply Co.
Bordeaux Mix Bonide Natural Guard Caras Nursery; IBEY Nursery; Marchie's Nursery
Cinnamaldehyde Valero Mycotech
Copper Bonide Concern Natural Guard Ace Hardware; Earth & Wood; IBEY: Caras Nursery; Marchie's Nursery
Copper Plus Soap Soap Shield Garden's Alive
Lime Sulfur Bonide (plus oil) Caras Nursery; Earth & Wood; IBEY
Mint Oil Fungastop Ace Hardware; Soil Technologies
Neem Green Light; Safer; Triact; Natural Guard; Trilogy Marchie's Nursery; Thermo Trilogy
Peroxide Oxidants Oxidate, Zerotol Biosafe
Sulfur Bonide; Fertilome Ace Hardware; Earth and Wood; Marchie's Nursery
Insect Control - Traps
Codling Moth   Caras Nursery; Marchie's Nursery; Earth and Wood
Pantry Pest Surefine; Spectracide Ace Hardware; Earth and Wood; IBEY Nursery
Red Sphere Tanglefoot Marchie's Nursery; Earth and Wood
Slug and Snail Surefine; Concern Ace Hardware; Earth and Wood; IBEY Nursery
Yellow Jacket Biolure; Rescue; Surefire; Sterling Cenex; Walmart; Marchie's Ace Hardware; Earth and Wood; IBEY Nursery
Insect Control - Biological

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Lacewings   Planet Natural
Lady Beetles   Planet Natural
Predatory Mites   Planet Natural
Trichogramma spp.   Planet Natural
Insect Control - Microbial Insecticides
Bacillus popilliae Milky Spore Planet Natural
Bacillus thuringiensis Israelensus (B+) "Mosquito Dunks" (gallon size only) Planet Natural; Earth and Wood
Bacillus thuringiensis kurstaki (or) Berliner (B+) Dipel Dust; Bonide Thuricide Marchie's; Crazy Acres; Ace Hardware; Caras Nursery; Earth and Wood
Bacillus thuringiensis San Diego (B+) Bonide Colorado; Potato Beetle Caras Nursery; Marchie's
Semasphore grasshopper Semaspore Caras Nursery; Marchie's
Insect Control - Horticultural Oils
Soap Concern Caras Nursery; Marchie's; Quality Supply; Ace Hardware; IBEY
Soap Natural Guard Marchie's Nursery
Soap Safer WalMart; Ace Hardware; Marchie's Nursery
Insect Control - Minerals
Boric Acid Ant Killer Planet Natural
Diatomaceous Earth Natural Guard Concern Marchie's; Ace Hardware; Caras & IBEY Nurseries
Insect Control - Botanicals
Avermectin   Planet Natural
Pyrethrins (liquid) Bonide; Concern; Miracle Grow Bug Spray; Natural Guard; Schultz Botanicals; Spectracide Caras Nursery; IBEY; Quality Supply; Ace Hardware; Target; Marchie's; WalMart
Pyrethrum Powder Natural Guard Marchie's Nursery
Garlic Oil Repellant Victor Ace Hardware; Caras Nursery; WalMart
Hot Pepper Wax Repellant Bonide Ace Hardware; Caras; Crazy Acres; IBEY
Mint Oil Repellant Victor Ace Hardware
Rotenone Pyrethrin Mix Bonide; Natural Guard Caras Nursery; IBEY; Marchie's Nursery
Weed Control

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Bacterial Biostimulation for Algae Control Pond Saver; Bacta-Pur Plant Health Care; Gardener's Supply
Corn Gluten Concern Quality Supply; Caras Nurery; IBEY
Herbicidal Soap Concern; Superfast (Safer) Ace Hardware; Caras & Marchie's Nurseries
Glufosinate - Ammonium Finale Ace Hardware; Caras Nursery
Miscellaneous - Deer/Rabit/Squirrel Repellants
Capsaisin Intagra Ace Hardware
Capsaisin, Castor Oil Scoot Ace Hardware
Putrescent Whole Egg Solids Deer Away; Intagra Marchie's Nursery; Quality Supply; Ace Hardware
Miscellaneous - Beneficial Insect Lures
Lady Bug/Lacewing Lure Surefire Caras Nursery
Soldier Bug Attractor Planet Natural
Fertilizer - Organic
Bonemeal Whitney Farms Quality Supply; Marchie's, Caras, & IBEY Nurseries
Fish Fertilizer Alaska; Concern Quality Supply; Marchie's, Caras, & IBEY Nurseries; Ace Hardware
Seaweed Neptune Caras Nursery

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